Seriously. WT everlovin’ F?

I am coming to the conclusion I’ve become all the Obama bashing Republicans who I abhor.

Give DJT a chance? I’m trying but the appointments of some of the clowns he’s choosing for his cabinet, are proving my fears were right. So, I’ve decided I’m going to post an occasional “WTF,” to illustrate why this man and his cronies are completely ill equipped to run our country in any way but into the ground.

Rick Perry in the Department of Energy is today’s WTF??? We’ll be going from Obama’s appointee, Ernest Moniz, who is a Nobel Prize-winning nuclear physicist with a PhD from Stanford University to… a guy who was on Dancing With the Stars, has a degree in Animal Science, and who infamously wanted to abolish the very department he couldn’t remember the name of, and will now run. WTF DJT??


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